Looking for a job? Join us!

We are looking for sofware automation experts to be part of our development team. Do you want to work for development of a company and working life in ways and working hours that suits you the best? We have a good spirit of cooperation and relaxed feeling of doing. We don’t work too much, but appreciate freetime as well.

Is it tempting for you to have a future where machines do dull human tasks, already today? Our mission is to build a better working life. It applies not only to the end user and the customer, but also to ourselves. It includes great co-workers and pride in your own well-done work. We use agile and iterative ways of working. At the moment, everyday life goes hand in hand with Python, Git, Docker, Robot Framework and also lower-level testing tools. The most important things, however, are a professional grip and a good attitude.

Whether you are an ironclad professional in software automation, or you have worked with these challenges only for a while and are eager to learn more, you are the person we are looking for.

Does any of these sink into you?

  ● Speaking Python 

  ● Handling Git

  ● Using Docker effeciently

Not now but maybe some day? Leave your email and we will let you know about future jobs!

    We also hope that you will be able to test the changes both as a unit and with the Robot of Upper Abstraction and be able to resolve conflicts. You may be an experienced software automation guru, but we also want applications from less experienced agents. The most important thing is that you are an enthusiastic and passionate person interested in the field.

    We offer you a good work community and interesting work assignments. Freedom to come up with the best solution! We work together, treating everyone equally and with respect. We build a better working life and everyday life for us, our customers, our partners and everyone else. The wellbeing of our employees is also in the customers’ best interest.

    Feel free to send us an open application! Tell us who you are, what you know and what you want. We'll tell you more about Ouro.